June Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

The ~70 million people of Hunan Province, China live almost entirely in spiritual darkness.  There are some faithful followers of Christ living and ministering in Hunan, but even the most liberal of estimates has the percentage of Hunan people who have a personal relation ship with Christ well below ONE percent!

I’d like to ask you if you would please find a few minutes in your day today to say a few words of prayer for the people of Hunan.  I know you are busy, with many very important tasks filling up your days (and nights), so I do not ask for this time lightly!  I believe that the Bible teaches us that prayer is important and effective, I have also experienced first hand the power of the prayers of God’s people!

Please Pray!

  • As the summer heat blankets the province, the days are longer and people escape their very hot homes and go into parks and public spaces every evening for hours of recreation and socializing.  During this time, many Hunan Christians are utilizing this opportunity to share the Gospel message with those living in their neighborhoods and communities.  Pray that they have boldness in their witness and clarity in their communication of the Gospel.  Also pray for protection from those who oppose the spread of the Gospel.
  • Please pray for the Holy Spirit to be softening hearts and calling men and women until Himself so that as the Gospel is shared, it finds “good soil” and is able to take root.

Thank you for your prayers,

Rob Stevens


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